AWEC2013: The Big AWE Picture

Presentation on Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2013: (AWEC 2013)

Organiser: The German Airborne Wind Energy Association
Delft University of Technology

2013-09-10 → 2013-09-11

Berlin, Germany

The first part of the talk aims to presents a complete overview of all theoretically possible ways to do AWE
– Based on an analysis of airborne wind energy patents and publications and a clustering of the included four functional components. The second part focuses on proposing selection criteria aimed to filter out the most promising approaches that can be expected to be technically and economically feasible.

This was a first attempt to capture the Airborne Wind Energy Design Space.

A video from the presentation can be found here.

These are the Powerpoint slides used in the presentation. They make heavy use of animations and only work in presentation mode:

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